Kapena SA was established in 1968 in Slupsk as Municipal Bus Company Repairs (KPNA). The main activity of the company was repairing buses to transport companies.

The '80s - In Poland, begin to function new trolleybus network, (in 1985 in Slupsk). This has led to a high demand for trolleybus fleet.

In 1986, the company has expanded its business to build a trolley on the basis of ready Jelcz body.

The '90s - The number of repairs is reducing, the function of repairs shop is took over by bus manufacturers.  In the absence of orders for repairs, the company is looking for a foreign investor.

1992 - Kapena starts cooperation with Swedish company SCANIA CV AB. At first the company manufactures truck.

1994 - started production of the first mini-bus based on IVECO chassis.

1997 - the beginning of the production of the Kapena City model  for public transportation, based on Iveco Turbo Daily chassis.

1998 -starts cooperation with the company CACCIAMALI SpA. Then started producing models C and TCM920 City Europolis.

2000 - CACCIAMALI SpA is a major shareholder Kapena SA.

2003 - Kapena SA signed a partnership agreement with IRISBUS covering production, sales and service buses.

2006 - the official opening of a new factory located in the municipality of Słupsk- in Włynkówko. In the new headquarters started producing buses Thesi / Urbanino, Irisbus Daily, Kapena Kapena MidiRider and Kapena Tema.

2008 - Kapena SA becomes the third manufacturer in terms of sales of buses in Poland.

2008 – 2009 – Design of Proxy and the start of deliveries.

2012 – Opening Kapena Italia

2014 – The development of a new range of buses based on Euro 6.